Events in Makarska

Makarska Summer Festival

Numerous classical music concerts, Dalmatian harmony-singing groups, folklore and dance groups, singers and other performers from Croatia and abroad, offer you the moments of relaxation and pleasure.


Fishermen´s Night

During this night all around the city, there is music and pleasant smell of grilled fish and other Dalmatian specialities. What is important is that there is plenty of cheese seasoned in oil, prosciutto, salty pilchards, and with wine.


Summer Carnival

That evening, both young and old become actors, dancers and singers. A masked line of cheerful faces, of various characters and creatures under the moonlight and the palm trees is winding, dancing and singing along the town quay. Curious passers-by can also put masks on and join the carneval.


Kalalarga Night

The longest street of Makarska, Kalalarga, pulsating with animation throughout the year, is opening its yards and small streets on that night, with its small shops of diligent craftsmen.