Alpinism Makarska

Biokovo is second-highest mountain in Croatia. Its highest peak is Sveti Jure (Saint George), at 1762 meters. The 196 square kilometers of its area is protected as a nature park. When the weather is very clear, from the top of Biokovo it is possible to see Monte Gargano in Italy, which is 252 km away.

If you want to enter the very being of Biokovo, the legendary ice cellars or admire the rich decoration of its caves, conquer its tops, enjoy the unforgettable views, spectacular interchange of day and night, or smell the flower of one among 2274 species of plants, then choose mountain tours!

The most important feature of these mountains is that the highest mountain regions here do not have the form of a ridge but of a high plateau (up to about 1700 metres), with a very complicated relief, with many gorges and peaks, caverns and spurs. The edges of the plateaux often finish in huge vertical cliffs.